Self Journey with Flowers and Light


This is a view of the Seto Inland Sea
as if standing in front of the stained glass windows of a church
as if you were standing in a church
It is a bench for introspection.
Reflect on yourself. To work on oneself. In the time of contemplation
What comes out of each of our hearts
It may be a nostalgic feeling or a renewed awareness of something you love.
A nostalgic feeling, or a renewed awareness of something you love.
The transparent bench is like a stained glass window
And they also reflect the sea.
Why don’t you relax on the bench where you can see the sea, flowers, light, and the stone of Inujima?
Why don’t you take a moment to relax?

Ellie Omiya

Flower fairy dancers

Setouchi international art festival

INUJIMA Art Rendezvous
A place where you can experience the connection between people

A project in which small works that trigger interaction with people are scattered throughout the island. Both islanders and visitors can enjoy the rendezvous meeting with the work as a landmark, and take a break while strolling around the island. The first “Flower Fairy Dancers” will be released in the spring. Inujima’s flowers dance as a three-dimensional work in the “Chibikko Square” where the island’s Bon festival dance is performed.

Ellie Omiya