Tokyo Midtown

The colorful works  “SUMMER ART ZOO”.
If you travel around the building and find auspicious hidden animals or animals in mythology,
it’s up to you to cut them out with your camera.

Ellie Omiya

Flower Fairy Flower Man

Umeda umekita Outer Garden SQUARE

It is said that a flower fairy called “Flower Man” is surely growing from the earth called “Osaka”. His arms are slides that both children and adults can slide on. The palm of your hand is a bench that can be held by Flowerman.
It is a fairy who came out of the earth.

I hope that everyone who visits will feel like being embraced by the earth in the palm of Flowerman and be healed.
At the same time, I hope that it will be an opportunity to remind us of our love for nature in urban areas where development is progressing.
We are part of the earth’s nature. I’m just borrowing it.
We must not destroy nature and the earth in our own way.

I drew 30 kinds of flowers on the body of “Flower Man”. All of the flowers have in common the weeds that bloom in the field. Strong flowers that grow even if they are stepped on. You can find it if you observe it on the roadside. We want children to be strong, strong, and grow up in any environment, and to continue to have compassion for the weak, gratitude and respect for nature.

Ellie Omiya